Nissim Francez
Professor Emeritus of computer science
Former holder of the Bank Leumi Chair in Computer Science
Former Head, Computational Linguistics Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
The Technion
Haifa 32000, Israel
+972-4-8294369 (voice)
+972-4-8294353, or +972-4-8221128 (fax)


Home address:
10B Hanita st., Nahariya 22385, Israel
Tl. (+972)(4) 9928444

Research Interests:

  • Current: Proof-Theoretic Semantics for logic and natural language.
  • Secondary: Formal semantics of Natural language, Type-logical grammar, Computational linguistics, unification-based grammar formalisms (LFG, HPSG).
  • Previous: Semantics of programming languages, program verification. Concurrent and distributed programming. Logic programming.